Yellowstone 100 years

23 images Created 12 Sep 2016

Photographing nature and animals resembles the feeling of a slower heart beat one experiences after a long, strenous run, almost a sensation of light-headness when the air is so thick, you are forced to take a deeper breath or else you will faint.

You are so small in front of all this green and blue and streams and forests. You wish you could capture it all, but the only thought of it being possible is a failure of our limited human minds. I still feel like breathing deeper everytime I look at any image of the vastity of the wilderness that surrounded us this past summer in Yellowstone National Park.

In the midst of a world that has been doomed with wars and controversies of all types due to the human's egotistical stupidity and struggles for supremacies, the wild can still teach us the only survival skills needed at this point: PATIENCE.
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