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The Israel-Palestinian conflict is maybe one of the most talked about religious and political war in this century. Its intricacies and controversial conundrums have been an interest of mine since young age when, as a Jewish girl, I was learning of possible solutions on how to have two people living in peace in the same state. This was at the time when Arafat and Rabin were actually having peace talks before the Israeli leader was murdered by a right wing Jewish extremist and later on the Palestinian leader lost trust in the future Israeli Prime ministers.

I was finishing high school when the Second Intifada started in 2002, and my interested in this country grew deeper and stronger: There had to be a solution to this brutal killing in the name of a common God and a common Land. I travelled to Israel as a reporter for the first time in 2012 and since then it has been a yearly destination. So much has changed in terms of intensity of the conflict and death tolls, and nothing has really brought to a stable solution. I will keep reporting from there until I can to search for answers, to give perspective, to inform the ones who have never been there that the struggle is not exactly as black and white and right and wrong and clearly uni-directional at it may look, but the layers of this historical and biblical miss-understanding are intertwined in such deep and strong beliefs that are very difficult to subside to.

“The future of the Jewish people will not be founded on the sword. We will not make war into a Jewish profession. The vision that we will bestow on our youth and future generations is a vision of honest men’s labor. A vision of justice and peace. A vision of friendship and human freedom. The young people who will give their lives for these values will never been vanquished. If I have any great dreams or passionate desire, it is that a day should come when we will dismantle the Israeli Defense Force, because we are certain that we live in safety and security. That wars should cease in Israel. I still dare to hope that the young women and men among you, and perhaps I too, who knows, will live to see that great day,” David Ben Gurion – Farewell speech to IDF in 1963.
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