Summertime Palios- Personal

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Ferragosto is Italians' Holy Month. It takes its name from Emperor's Augusts who used to take his holidays in mid August. Since then, Italians sleep in August. They sleep by the beach or after hiking mountain peaks. In the meantime, locals of smaller towns or villages entertain themselves with Palios, or gambling boat or horse races where both money and pride are up to grab. I have just started exploring *(with my camera) a couple of Palios this past summer. I remember spending summer days watching them as if this was a normal past-time, while this semi-tribal experience is truly a passionate celebration of people's love for their homes, their traditions and the places they are from. Fans and competitors are both as involved and as motivated to win as we are to watch them do so. Depeatched here you can see Il Palio di Siena, one of the most important horse races in Italy where "contrade" of the city of Siena fight until the last horse and jockey get to the finish line within a 90 second race around the city's main square and second, il Palio di Porto Santo Stefano, a rowing competition on old wooden boats called "gozzi" and There is nothing new here, nothing extraordinary unknown, it's simply my point of view of a "spaccato" of a life I was never meant to live, but always wished I could have been part of.
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