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Portraits are possibly the biggest and most rewarding challenge in my photographic career.

Posing and directing people comes unnatural to me. I feel as if I am intruding in someone else's space by telling me how to move and what to do. I would absolutely hate to be the one being told.

But if you let the person in front of the camera just be, they give you everything you need and sometimes more.

I never thought the square of a medium format camera and the vertical shape of a 35mm one would be as interesting as I found them both to be when you are photographing someone's portrait.

The focus of the whole image is narrower, and the subject matter becomes the fulcrum of the whole frame: What she/he is wearing, the color of the eyebrows or eyes, the facial expression, the neck, the wrinkles on the checks while they smile.

Having nothing else to connect to but the details of someone's face or body language, we end up been lead into the frame and create our own, personal narrative of the person's portrayed.

And voila`, we have us a perfect connection.
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