Off the Derech

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They were stuck in a reality that was not entirely theirs, between bible verses, long sleeve shirts, maternity clothing and no interactions with the opposite sex.

Then, one of them committed suicide back in July 2015. It was not the first one, but it was the push they needed to have the courage to act upon their true persona.

So they walked out of their old lives into a new path made of solitude, a different bed every day and a lot of guilt and shame build-up around them. Their family shunt them away and asked them never to come back. They listened and they also came together to support one another. These are the kids who are "off the Derech" *(ventured into the non-religious path) and these are their stories...

Some became poets, some writers, some just started dating for fun and not towards a fixed marriage waiting for them. Some are still trying to figure it out thanks to the help of the organization Footsteps.

I have the fortune of meeting them personally, interact with them and visit their homes.

This is an on-going project.
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