My Texas

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I did not chose to come live here.
It chose me.

Texas has never been a place I had ever envision spending more than a layover or two in my lifetime as it feels terribly extraneous and far removed from my European culture than most places in the U.S.

But then I met a man. One worth following. And the consequentiality of events that lead us being together on a distance for two years also brought me to make the move and leave NYC for this quiet, peaceful, somethings extremely boring and ridiculously hot, corner of the globe.

And, as I often do when I do not know a place well, I started my exploration of it. Mostly to keep my mind busy, but possibly to quiet it in the acceptance of this very irrational, and love-driven decision.

Three months into it and this is what I see so far. This is my Texas.

From the community-oriented apartment complex we live in, to the extremely posh neighborhood we can spot from our windows, to the farthest south and far away west desert bordering with Mexico.
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