Menashe - The Movie

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"Menashe" is the newest film by New York native Joshua Weinstein. The long-feature movie has been shortlisted at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah as well as shown at the Berlinale in Berlin, Germany and has has its debut in the City on July 28, 2017. The film is now distributed by A24 Production House.

The feature, entirely in the original Yiddish language of the Haredi Shtetls in Russia and Poland, tells the story of an Orthodox Jew from a very religious community in Upstate New York called Skvira or New Square, Menashe, who, upon losing his wife to death, has his only son confiscated, for in the Jewish Law or Halacha, a single man is not to be given the responsibility to educated a son on his own.

In a sequel of misadventures, Menashe tries to get her son's custody back despite his lack of a proper job and no desire of remarrying. The movie is nothing, but short of emotional overturns and morally-filled lessons for the religious and non.

I was thrilled to have worked on the backstage photography of such movie for it is based on a true story of fatherly love and religious injustices, yet charged with the purest of emotions.
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