Italian elections

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Italy is a Democratic Republic based on work. We have a governmental system that is composed of two main organs, the Chamber of Deputy and the Senate. The Prime Minister has more power than our President and we have more political parties than soccer players in a team. This past March 4, 2018, Italian elections were held after President Sergio Mattarella dissolved the the Italian Parliament on December 28, 2017.

The results were as usual disjointed and not enough votes were reached in one direction to form a stable coalition to govern. This resulted in a hung government where no particular party is leading yet.

What's needed to create a stable government now is a coalition of the populist and anti-conformist Movimento 5 Stelle, who got the majority of votes, with either the Center-Right coalition of the Lega Nord with Matteo Salvini as the Leader or with the Center-left Partito Democratico, PD, where ex-Leader as of March 5, was Matteo Renzi, Italy's former Prime Minister until 2017.
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