Dux Mea Lux

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While working on the Italian campaign trails this past winter, I spent sometimes following the two major Fascist parties in my country's capital and hometown of Rome, Italy: CasaPound and Forza Nuova.

The devotion to the anthems "Italy first and foremost" and the stronghold these two parties have reached within their own youth and especially their women have been a mean of increasing worry among the counter, anti-fascist movement whose ideals embrace a more inclusive 'European' Italy with less boundaries and a higher acceptance for diversities.

In the past 15 years due to the enormous affluence of refugees taking rescue within the coast of Italy, my native country has been through a demographic change where Italians are no longer the only inhabitants of the Bel Paese. This initial, courageous operation of humanitarian aid has shortly become a crusade towards a never ending migration crisis that Italy has not been able to tend to with the mean necessary to contain the losses.

The continuous afflux of refugees has not been received positively by parties, such CasaPound and Forza Nuova who have been, more than once, expressing their dissent not only marching against 'immigration,' but with violent operation within the city limits and all the way to Ostia beaches to "safeguard the Capital from the abusive workers who are not Italians."
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