Casa Rifugio - Palermo

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A. is a mother of five whose husband is serving time in jail for having tried to kill her strangling her while holding a plastic bag over her head.

The day I met her in the house she broke in tears from stress for she just came back to visit him and was faced with the question of having to decide if returning to her husband or loosing all of her children.
She later explained to me it was and it is an impossible decision for her to make, because she loves them all equally. Her husband did try to kill her, but he is still her husband and she loves him, she said. "We have five children together."

In the summer of 2018, I took part to the Sacred Eye workshop lead by photographer, activist, Donna Ferrato and photographer Tomeu Coll, in Palermo, Sicily where, together with five other photographer women, we spent a week between women shelters and theater rehearsals. We were determined to learn and later start documenting the lives of battered women in the Sicilian capital as this reality is still very much a daily occurance in the South of Italy.

This is going to be an on-going project for me as it made me realize how many mothers, young women, are indeed being mistreated and abused in my own country, and not only somewhere far away in a developing world.

Patrizia D' Antona *(the woman with the messy and beautiful white hair) has been teaching and performing in theater for years. I met and photographed her in Palermo during a rehearsal she was hosting in a hold Christian refectorium in Ballaro`. For the past few years she has been creating theatrical pieces to use art as a tool for women's emancipation; she likes to utilize dance and singing and acting to raise women's spirit and allowing them to regain strength and confidence in themselves. She has been working for a long time with women who have been part of "the wave" association, an organization who protects women who have been victims of violence and abuses. The show we attended included these women as well as a lyrical group of other women not victims of abuses directed by Francesca Martino who was conducting the singing part of the show and who also likes to valorized women's image with artistic expression, especially singing.
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