Art Butt- Commercial

23 images Created 8 Oct 2019

At the end of this summer, I did an editorial campaign for Rockaways-based artist Anya Ferring to promote her hand-made/designed recycled plastic bottle swimwear for her new collection at ARTbutt.

We both felt the need to have a playful time with real-life models who could wear the swimwear for a fun day at the beach as well as showing us the reversibility and colorful multi-faceted of the products in a studio lookbook-like scenario.

All ARTbutt products are designed and thoughtfully produced in NYC using organic cottons and recycled or deadstock fabrics. ARTbutt waves the sustainable flag, implementing zero waste principles as much as possible from the start into the design process. Wherever possible our mantra remains: SHORTEN SUPPLY CHAIN! REGIONALIZE SUPPLY CHAIN! SCALE IT DOWN!

Sustainability + design are Anya's two magic words inspiring her on this newest designs.

You can view more of her products at
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